Specialty Workshops

Breaking it Down

Ever wonder which exercises are safe and which aren’t? Or if you should be taking a modification and why? How about what is the correct modification, anyway?! Well, we have some answers!

Join us for this awesome workshop, hosted by Jenn, to break down modifications for some of the most common exercises. She will take you through the reasoning behind these modifications so you can work out safely no matter where you are in you prenatal or postnatal journey. These modifications are guaranteed to melt fat and tone muscles so you can feel confident you are getting an effective workout while listening to your body.

Come ready to work because the second half of this workshop is sure to get that heart rate up with a blend of strength, cardio and barre – with lots of modifications offered, of course!

Workshop Rates

Open to everyone at a rate of $15


Upcoming Dates

August 13th, 2017
10:15am p.m.

Register by August 9th