baysittingIn an effort to support our moms so that they can get an hour to themselves to focus on their energy, strength and peace of mind, we have created a babysitting program!

We know it’s time consuming being a parent and we want you to have time to get your workout in! That is why we have a full babysitting team, led by Denice King. Let our team take care of your little ones in our baby-friendly education room. Choose a monthly babysitting membership or drop in at your convenience. Every member of our babysitting team is passionate about children and they are excited to keep your child entertained throughout your workout!


The following policies are in place to ensure the safety and well-being of your children as well as the other children in the babysitting room:
• Children must be pre-registered 1 hour in advance of class. Space is limited.
• You can sign your child up for babysitting under your name and account.
• The staff is not responsible for changing diapers or taking children to the bathroom. If your child is toilet training, please make sure they are wearing a pull-up and please take your child to the bathroom before class begins.
• We are a food-safe babysitting environment. Only NUT-FREE snacks are allowed.
• Please make sure drinks are in spill-proof cups and are labeled.
• Sick children may not be brought into the babysitting room. If your child becomes ill or inconsolable, you will be asked to immediately remove your child. Our sick policy requires children to be symptom-free for 24 hours before returning to the babysitting room. Symptoms covered under this policy include:
+++• Fever
+++• Vomiting
+++• Diarrhea
+++• Rash
+++• Persistent cough
+++• Pink eye
+++• Runny nose with anything except clear mucus


Rates & Packages 

  • Drop-In – $10 for one child; $7 for each additional child
  • 5-Class Pass – $45 for one child; $30 for each additional child
  • 10-Class Pass – $90 for one child; $63 for each additional child
  • Monthly Unlimited – $50 for one child; $20 for each additional childpurchase