Infant and Baby Massage

This 1-1/2-hour workshop is designed infantmassagefor parents/caregivers with babies (1 week to 1 year old). You will learn massage techniques to use at home to help improve sleep patterns and, reduce discomfort from colic, teething, and gas pains, while strengthening baby’s immune and circulatory systems.  Infant massage teaches babies to relax, improve body awareness and increase self-esteem, while parents experience increased confidence by enhancing their baby’s health and development.

Learn to massage your baby and enjoy quality bonding time together!

The North Andover class is taught by Caitlin McCann. She is a mother of two and a massage therapist from Belly Mamas Massage.

The Beverly class is taught by Anna Griffin. Anna has a daughter and is a massage therapist and aromatherapist with a passion for helping others.

Expectant parents are welcome and encouraged to attend; practice dolls are available. Take-home materials provided.

Infant and Baby Massage Rates

  • $35 per family
  • Please bring 2 blankets or towels to class.

Upcoming Dates

North Andover