Baby Sleep Basics

BabysleepingFor parents and caregivers of infants ages 4-15 months.

Is your family exhausted?  Do you have to rock, bounce, or feed your child every time you try to put him/her down only to have to do it all over again minutes or even seconds later?  Does your child wake up too early or have multiple night wake-ups?  Does your child start out the night in one location but end up in another one?  During this workshop, participants will gain an understanding of how biology, environment and an infant’s stage of development can impact sleep.  An overview of popular sleep strategies will be provided and much time will be devoted to answering questions.

This workshop is brought to you by our friends from Early Parenting Partners.

For private, phone-based sleep consultations, contact Kristen Carhart and Joanna Silverman of Early Parenting Partners at 888-573-3277.

Baby Sleep Basics Rates

  • $35 per person / $60 per couple

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