We are so grateful for such kinds words from our clients!  For the most current testimonials, visit us here!

“We wanted to thank you so very much for the confidence, positive perspective, and fearlessness you helped to instill in us through the hypnobirthing class.  Through listening to hypnobirthing music, BREATHING, different positioning, my husband’s guidance, and light touch massage, I moved through labor quickly and without pain medication.  I can’t express to you enough about how the confidence and control I had in the delivery, has really helped me…..in being a calm and confident new mom.  I truly am a believer now that both my affirmations before birth and my calm delivery, set the tone for my birth and mothering experiences.  Thank you for being such an important part of the way we looked at the most important moments of our lives.  Thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”- Jean (Labor & Delivery Nurse)

“I can’t recommend pre-natal yoga and the hypnobirthing class highly enough. The support and advice you get is priceless. I had 2 fantastic drug-free birth experiences due to the preparation and relaxation techniques I learnt here. You owe it to yourself to be part of this ‘family’.” ~Lucy

“Are You Looking for A Doula Who is The Most Down to Earth, Well Educated & Devoted Person??? Look no more Mari is for you!!!!! I met Mari at a baby expo when I was just a few months pregnant. I instantly hit it off with her and went home to my husband and said “I can’t have this baby without Mari”. This was all new to us as we both never heard of a Doula before. She came to our house to meet with me and my husband and I am so glad she did. The next day the paperwork was signed! It was the best decision I have ever made. She came and did an in-house education class which was truly amazing, the one on one was just what we needed. It was much more comfortable where we could really ask questions geared to my pregnancy and learn about what was in store for us ahead. Leading up to the pregnancy she was always available by phone & email whenever I had a question, concern or even just was having one of those days. She even visited a few weeks after the baby was born to check in to see how we were doing. When the date was arriving she came and visited to prep us for what was about to happen. A miracle I call it! It truly was. The day I went into the hospital Mari was there from the very beginning until we were wheeled away to postpartum. Between her coaching my husband, setting the room up with candles, spraying lavender spray & massaging my feet it was quit the experience. The new love of my life was born. I already told Mari I will be planning our next baby around her schedule!”~ Lauren

“AMAZING.  We called Gayle when I started feeling slight signs of labor and she gave us a check-in plan to keep her updated on progress so she would know exactly when to arrive in person.  She kept us so calm and never missed a single call/text.  She was able to instruct my husband on how to know when to start gathering our things to prepare for the hospital and exact signs of when we should let her know to come over…During labor, Gayle was right on top of everything I could have needed before I even knew it, from chapstick to ice cold water to music, she made sure everything that could possibly comfort me was happening…I was so thrilled to have her by my side when it was time to push, her direction was so helpful.  I can’t imagine the birth of my son without Gayle being part of the experience.” ~Jessalyn

“Surey visited us sevaral times, providing knowledge and answers to prenatal care. She always came prepared and answered our questions thoroughly. She was available to us by phone/text/email and followed up in between visits. She was 110% available to me throughout my labor…which lasted a marathon 37 hours. She never faltered and provided me with the strong, consistent presence I needed and even helped to care for my wife’s and mother’s emotional needs, which meant the world to me.  Surey FAR EXCEEDED my expectations. I cannot stress that enough. She was professional and always prepared, highly knowledgeable, kind, empathic, present, and steadfastly loyal. We consider her a lifelong friend now and are so grateful for her care and companionship!” ~Jayme

[Maternal Health & Fitness] has been great to not only help stay fit during pregnancy but take time to connect with your body and your baby, which is so important in our crazy lives!  Postpartum fitness helped me lose that baby weight the first time around and also meet some amazing moms and babies that we’re still so close to!  Suzy is so great- so easy to connect to and makes all levels of fitness feel welcome!  Would recommend to any mom pre or post pregnancy!” ~Megan

“I can’t say enough about this place! I stumbled upon this facility when I googled prenatal yoga.  This was my second pregnancy and I wanted a more relaxed and comfortable pregnancy and birth.  I took the hypnobirthing course here and met the most amazing instructor Suzy.  She has a true passion for what she does and with her guidance through the hypnobirthing course (and my birthing coach and support system of course) I had the most amazing birth.  The self confidence gained in this course to be in charge of my pregnancy and birth of my baby was amazing…It’s a completely comfortable and nurturing environment.   With the experienced staff and the support of your fellow moms-to-be it is an experience that should not be missed during this very special time in your life.” ~Lianne

“I am so thankful that my friend introduced me to this wonderful group. I enjoy the people that I have met at mommy meet up and the friendships that have become of it.  The classes they offer are very informative and I love the variety that they offer.” ~Lindsay

“I love [Maternal Health and Fitness].  I found it after my first son was born and he and I went as often as we could before, during and after my second pregnancy.  I cannot recommend it enough, we are so lucky to have found such a wonderful place.  The atmosphere and camaraderie is amazing.” ~Lauren

“I took the prenatal fitness class which I looked forward to the prenatal fitness class each weekend. Each class was invigorating and relaxing at the same time and the best part was that I always left feeling that I had done something good for my baby. I delivered a beautiful baby girl after only six hours of labor and had a quick recovery. ALL of which I truly believe was a result of the prenatal fitness class.” ~Wendy

“I have to say your class really got me through the labor especially the delivery.  I only pushed for 20 minutes and she was here, everyone was so impressed and of course they all said it would take 2 hours.  We proved them wrong.  One of the doctors wanted to know where I had been going so more props to you and the classes.  He was impressed!” ~Trish and baby Maelyn

“I just want to thank you for the incredible preparation you gave to Dan and I, and most especially for taking the time on that Monday.  The time we spent truly centered, focused and relaxed me.  Our birth was amazing and I can only hope to share my experience and encourage more women to HypnoBirth.  It was truly special. ” ~Kristin and Dan

“Craig and I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful class [HypnoBirthing].  We welcomed our little boy, Oscar Francis, last Tuesday and the birth could not have gone any better.  We went into the birth center at 7 cm and about 4 hours later he was born.  We were asked by a number of the staff what class we took and where, as our easy birth seemed to be common knowledge on the floor.  Looking forward to seeing you for round two!” ~ Becky & Craig