When can I start prenatal yoga and fitness classes?
You can begin at any time as long as you receive approval from your caregiver.

When do pregnant moms typically join?
We have moms that join at 8 weeks and moms that join at 34 weeks! The earlier, the better, but we would love for you to join our community at any time!

Do I need to bring a yoga mat?
No, we provide all equipment.

When can I return to fitness classes after my baby is born?
As soon as you receive approval from your caregiver to begin to exercise again.

If I cannot exercise, how can I feel supported after my baby arrives?
Our Mommy Meet-Up is the perfect opportunity for you to get out of the house and meet other new moms in a safe and welcoming environment!

How do I know which form of childbirth education is right for me?
Preparation for the arrival of your little one is very personal. Call us anytime to answer your questions on our parent education classes.

What are the benefits of hiring a doula?
Having the right physical and emotional support during your labor is so important…partner, sister, mother. But did you know that research shows that families who are supported by a trained doula experience 50% fewer Cesarean sections, 25% shorter labors, 40% less use of Pitocin, 30% less use of narcotics, 30% less use of forceps, 60% fewer requests for epidurals, improved breastfeeding and bonding, and more satisfaction with the birth process?